Moving house is tough enough the way it is, but when you add pets to that, it gets even tougher. Pets are part of the family and we want the best for them. However, the preparation for and the whole moving day can be quite stressful for our beloved animals. It’s necessary to think how to lower the levels of stress and keep them away from the packing and loading of the moving truck as much as you can. Moreover, the pet will have to get used to the changing environment just like you. The new house will be an unfamiliar place with strange and new things and your pet could easily get frustrated. If you want to prepare well for your house move with the pet, you simply have to consider all the details a few months in advance.

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Your pet has to be vaccinated and you need to request copies of the veterinary records. This way it will be easier to transfer to a new veterinary and you will also need these if you are doing an international move. If you are flying, whether it’s domestically or internationally, you need all the veterinary records and certification of the pet’s vaccination. Don’t forget to get an ID tag for the pet or for its cage, which has your name, telephone number and new address on it. You never know what might happen on the road to the new home. It’s best to be prepared for everything. Try to keep the routine of the pet the same even though the house is like a mine field and you are busy packing.

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If you are flying make sure you check the airline’s regulations about the pet carrier. Only book your flights once you are sure you can comply with the rules and your pet will be taken good care of. Another option to consider is paying for separate pet transportation. Talk to the removals company which is doing the move and discuss the options that you have. A reputable removals company will be able to arrange transportation for your pet to the new location.

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During the moving day, make sure your pet is in a separate room, ideally with your children. The pet can get agitated easily by the presence of strangers and the noise around the house. If the pet is travelling in your car, feed it a few hours before the trip and make sure you have enough pet food for the trip and at least the day after the move. Keeping the feeding schedule normal and regular will help your pet get accustomed to the change and stay calm. In the new house it’s important to create a familiar area for the pet – this will attract the animal and make the home seem more comfortable.