Finding the right removals company for your House Move

When hiring a removals company always consider the reputation of the moving company by getting some reviews of the company and the quality of the service you get and of course their prices, know what you get for your moving.

Quality prices for when using moving companies.

When you consider a moving company to use for removals services don’t just judge them by their number because every company can have a 0800 number and it does not mean they are a good repeated removals company. Always know what services is included in the prices and know what you get for the money you pay, also double check if there is any additional cost to be paid and try to get a fixed quote for your move rather than a hourly basis quote as this may lead to over payments of the budget you have for the move. 

Some Moving companies may give you a higher quotes but it does not mean that you should not use them because they can offer quality of removals services and this quote may include more services than the other cheaper quote such as packaging materials and insurance for the contents that are being moved. And the other side cheap moving quote does not mean the company cannot offer a good quality of service, sometimes company can give a very reasonable or cheap removal quote due to their circumstances in your move and cheap moving quote could happen often when you move for a long distance and the moving company might have a empty van/truck on the way back and you could use them and save Hugh amount for your next removal needs.

Keep Things in Writing:

However you going to start your conversation or enquire with the moving company whether it’s over the phone or online enquire always try to write down the things you get from the movers. Always ask for a contract as this may prevent from over payments and additional/hidden costs. When you boom the move with the removals company ask the company to send you a written contract either by email or post it to your house and this can make the company liable for what they have quoted you and they can never ask for over payment, when you get the quote make sure they have included the services you have asked them to give you when you booked, double check the contract and see that everything is included such as packing, packaging materials, fuel costs, labour/porters, the size of the van/truck, insurance.

When you contact the moving company tell them what you have got to move, send them in inventory of the goods and keep the record, if anything added to the inventory let the moving company know so you know what price they going to add to the additional item.

Getting the right Removals Company for your Move:

The price could not be everything, and know the company reputation and by the service they will provide and their prices you can judge the moving company and hire them for the move.