Removals tips and advice before moving date

Mark all boxes to its destination rooms, contents and fragile items make sure what you want to take and what to be left.

Start to dispose things that are no longer needed, purchase packing materials, such as boxes, wrapping papers, plastic bags and bubble with enough packing taps.

Start to track all Moving boxes and know what’s to be moved because some boxes might be tax deductible and know how to pack boxes to a reasonable weight. Get rid of unwanted items otherwise the rubbish might get into your new place.

Be present on the moving date and give directions, let the moving company Birmingham know how you want to load and unload the goods and be there to tell them where to pack.

Order packing materials few days before the moving, when everything is packing keep few boxes for the moving date as you might need them for the movers.

Get rid of all unwanted goods and rubbish and you might hire house clearance company to take the rubbish to the recycling centre.

You should label the boxes and write on them to the destination rooms and write on fragile boxes

Try to load the rooms to be unloaded first and last, whatever you have got in the room first from entry the room, your kitchen room should be packed last and as the heavy goods will be in the van last.