Moving home list of things to do when moving your House

Things to do 2-4 weeks before the Moving date

When moving house or even your flat or an office, planning ahead is important and its also significant to check the list of things to do.

-Start packing/sorting. If you are doing the packing yourself start as soon as you can, and certainly no later than two weeks to go. The trend lately is to exchange and complete sometimes within the same week. This means if you wait until you exchange before starting to pack you can find yourself with a mountain to climb. We know that until you do exchange you cannot be certain that the move will go ahead. So what about clearing out the attic, packing up your summer or winter clothes, in the kitchen the items you hardly use e.g. toasted sandwich maker, fondue set, soda stream (remember them, it’s probably right at the back of your cupboard) even books and videos how often do you watch/read these? This will give you a chance to sort through your possessions and have a good clear out and also ease the stress when you get the call to say they want to complete in a few days time. For advice on de-cluttering go to our new section

-Change your Address: Make sure you let the companies and organisations about the new address so your don’t miss out the correspond communications with those whom want to contact you, let the other know about your Moving process and your have moved.

-Finding the right Removals Company: Contact Few removals companies, and get some Removal quotes and compare the prices before deciding about what to do, We wouold recommend the Birmingham Moving company to help you with your removals enquiries or Man with a van needs, or even if you want to do a local pick ups, and single Item Moves.

-Land and Mobile Phones: Get in touch with mobile and internet providers advice them about the date you moving, your new address and give them new contact number if its going to change or if you want to cancel the service then you should give them at least one month notice and get in touch with new providers, make sure you notify about above changes in writing otherwise you going to be bailed for the service you are not using, and contact the estate agent you have rented the moving to let them know about the moving just in case.

-Car/ Vehicle: Have your Vehicles/ car serviced before moving especially if you are moving far a way so you do not get in trouble on the way.

-DVLA: You must let the DVLA know about the changes of your Driving license and Vehicle.

 - Parking. If you have any parking restrictions at either your present or your new address, you will need to contact the local authorities to arrange for a suspension of the parking restrictions outside your property on your moving day. Remember that a removal van can be the same size as a double-decker bus and needs extra space to be manoeuvred into position.

 - Bank - Notify your bank/banks of your change of address and maybe consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home. If you have anything retained for safe keeping with your bank or solicitors please don’t forget these.

-Council Tax. Notify the relevant authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving to. for more info go to

Landlord/Tenants Give the appropriate notice to quit or tell tenants of any change of landlord.









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