Moving house is tough enough the way it is, but when you add pets to that, it gets even tougher. Pets are part of the family and we want the best for them. However, the preparation for and the whole moving day can be quite stressful for our beloved animals. It’s necessary to think how to lower the levels of stress and keep them away from the packing and loading of the moving truck as much as you can. Moreover, the pet will have to get used to the changing environment just like you. The new house will be an unfamiliar place with strange and new things and your pet could easily get frustrated. If you want to prepare well for your house move with the pet, you simply have to consider all the details a few months in advance.

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Your pet has to be vaccinated and you need to request copies of the veterinary records. This way it will be easier to transfer to a new veterinary and you will also need these if you are doing an international move. If you are flying, whether it’s domestically or internationally, you need all the veterinary records and certification of the pet’s vaccination. Don’t forget to get an ID tag for the pet or for its cage, which has your name, telephone number and new address on it. You never know what might happen on the road to the new home. It’s best to be prepared for everything. Try to keep the routine of the pet the same even though the house is like a mine field and you are busy packing.

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If you are flying make sure you check the airline’s regulations about the pet carrier. Only book your flights once you are sure you can comply with the rules and your pet will be taken good care of. Another option to consider is paying for separate pet transportation. Talk to the removals company which is doing the move and discuss the options that you have. A reputable removals company will be able to arrange transportation for your pet to the new location.

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During the moving day, make sure your pet is in a separate room, ideally with your children. The pet can get agitated easily by the presence of strangers and the noise around the house. If the pet is travelling in your car, feed it a few hours before the trip and make sure you have enough pet food for the trip and at least the day after the move. Keeping the feeding schedule normal and regular will help your pet get accustomed to the change and stay calm. In the new house it’s important to create a familiar area for the pet – this will attract the animal and make the home seem more comfortable.

10 things to do before the VAT rise

If the return to work, to school or to the city and is a difficult time, this year also we will have another “cost” to be the increase in VAT in early September.

In terms of beauty, makeup and cosmetics, some increases are more than considerable, so after carefully studying the famous Royal Decree (and enjoy reliving my years as an economist), I have prepared a list of things we can do before the end of August and so, save a few euros, which never hurts.
This is my list of things you should do before they raise the VAT:

1. – Go to the salon.
Whether you just need washing or combing mark, as if you want to change your look and make you a haircut, permanent straightening, relaxers, highlights, dyes or any color, you’ll save a few euros if you do it before the rise of VAT.

2. – Nail Salons.

If you plan to make any manicure or pedicure, especially those with a higher cost, such as Shellac manicures or permanent enamel, do it before September 1, because the VAT on these services up no less than 8% to 21%.

3. – Relax in an urban spa
Also taxed, since that date, 21% water cures and urban spas.
So if you need to relax to face the “back to school”, do it before the end of August.
Some spa treatments remain taxed at the reduced rate, but remember that it goes from 8% to 10%.

4. – Slimming
Except treatments carried out with diagnosis, prevention or medical treatment, nutrition and dietetics services also suffer the VAT hike.
So whether you want to buy some bars to mitigate the excesses summer, and if you’re thinking of something a little more serious in some center of nutrition and dietetics, better pay before the VAT increase.

5. – Massage
The physical therapists are also affected by this measure and force them to charge a 21% VAT. There is a service that can do without, but if you treat slope “that back pain”, better do it soon.

6. – Whiten your teeth.

Dental services also pass taxed at 21% so check your smile as soon as possible to avoid any surprises.
Are exempt from this increase, dentists services, dentists, dental technicians and dental technicians “when referring to his work-related activities”, ie, in the case of proper health issues.

7. – Shaving

The laser hair removal services also go to 21%.
Consult your usual center when the charge and if you pay ahead, you can save something.

8. – Make you a touch
Cosmetic surgery services also pass taxed at 21%.
What I recommend in the case of services which consist of several sessions, is that preguntéis if ye receive sessions from September 1 and will charge you 21% or, by contrast, are taxed at the rate of all time hire. Better ask to bring you some unpleasant surprise.

9. – Sign up to the gym

The “turn around” (to school, to work, to normal …) is one of the times of year when more entries are made in gyms.
So in this sense, the “September costs” also will be a little harder because the classes to practice sports or physical education classes such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, skiing, aerobics, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, spinning, fencing, chess, among others … also pass taxed at 21%.

10. – Buy cosmetics and makeup products.

Except compresses and buffers that are maintained with reduced VAT of 10%, cosmetics and personal hygiene products (including baby diapers!) Pass to 21% VAT.
Also remain in the 10% VAT glasses and contact lenses and medical devices, materials, equipment or instruments that, objectively considered, only be used to prevent, diagnose, treat, alleviate or cure diseases or ailments.

I hope the list of tips will be useful and that you may save you a few euros to remain beautiful!

50% discount on Moves from Europe to Uk on 20th December Cheap removals

If you have got removals or a delivery that you would like to do from any countries in Europe or perhaps central Europe then you better contact the Birmingham Movers to get the best price.

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This removals special price does not happen only December 2011, in fact we have moves going across European Union  countries so Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, France, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

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Empty Van from Bath, Bristol or south Wales to North Of England

We have an empty large van going back from Bath near Leeds and the North of England.

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Finding the right removals company for your House Move

When hiring a removals company always consider the reputation of the moving company by getting some reviews of the company and the quality of the service you get and of course their prices, know what you get for your moving.

Quality prices for when using moving companies.

When you consider a moving company to use for removals services don’t just judge them by their number because every company can have a 0800 number and it does not mean they are a good repeated removals company. Always know what services is included in the prices and know what you get for the money you pay, also double check if there is any additional cost to be paid and try to get a fixed quote for your move rather than a hourly basis quote as this may lead to over payments of the budget you have for the move. 

Some Moving companies may give you a higher quotes but it does not mean that you should not use them because they can offer quality of removals services and this quote may include more services than the other cheaper quote such as packaging materials and insurance for the contents that are being moved. And the other side cheap moving quote does not mean the company cannot offer a good quality of service, sometimes company can give a very reasonable or cheap removal quote due to their circumstances in your move and cheap moving quote could happen often when you move for a long distance and the moving company might have a empty van/truck on the way back and you could use them and save Hugh amount for your next removal needs.

Keep Things in Writing:

However you going to start your conversation or enquire with the moving company whether it’s over the phone or online enquire always try to write down the things you get from the movers. Always ask for a contract as this may prevent from over payments and additional/hidden costs. When you boom the move with the removals company ask the company to send you a written contract either by email or post it to your house and this can make the company liable for what they have quoted you and they can never ask for over payment, when you get the quote make sure they have included the services you have asked them to give you when you booked, double check the contract and see that everything is included such as packing, packaging materials, fuel costs, labour/porters, the size of the van/truck, insurance.

When you contact the moving company tell them what you have got to move, send them in inventory of the goods and keep the record, if anything added to the inventory let the moving company know so you know what price they going to add to the additional item.

Getting the right Removals Company for your Move:

The price could not be everything, and know the company reputation and by the service they will provide and their prices you can judge the moving company and hire them for the move.

Removals tips and advice before moving date

Mark all boxes to its destination rooms, contents and fragile items make sure what you want to take and what to be left.

Start to dispose things that are no longer needed, purchase packing materials, such as boxes, wrapping papers, plastic bags and bubble with enough packing taps.

Start to track all Moving boxes and know what’s to be moved because some boxes might be tax deductible and know how to pack boxes to a reasonable weight. Get rid of unwanted items otherwise the rubbish might get into your new place.

Be present on the moving date and give directions, let the moving company Birmingham know how you want to load and unload the goods and be there to tell them where to pack.

Order packing materials few days before the moving, when everything is packing keep few boxes for the moving date as you might need them for the movers.

Get rid of all unwanted goods and rubbish and you might hire house clearance company to take the rubbish to the recycling centre.

You should label the boxes and write on them to the destination rooms and write on fragile boxes

Try to load the rooms to be unloaded first and last, whatever you have got in the room first from entry the room, your kitchen room should be packed last and as the heavy goods will be in the van last.

few things to remover when packing for moving with removals company birmingham

We know the reasons why good packing boxes are important during moving out and in. but, we can still remember few essential things when want to pack personal belongings or household goods so you know things are in the correct order.

Always remember at the time of your move there will be a fee that will apply when moving boxes and make sure they are packed easy for move if you have not re          quested packaging service with your moving.

When you pack heavy stuff make sure you put them in small packing boxes as big boxes will not be able to handle the heavy goods. And it’s always easier to move small boxes heavy rather than big boxes.

It would be better to pack small things together and bog things together and each in different box. Never pack inserts your personal belongings such as jewellery pieces, cash, photos or anything expensive or documents to other people and you should always pack these things and move them yourself as they could cost you a fortune.

Do not rush what you are doing; always give enough time for packing and proper all materials for the packing day/s.

These things are important to take into consideration when packing for your moving day.

Especial price for student Moves

If you are a student and want to relocate from one city to another then or between one university to another then you have came to the right place.

we have a team of student Movers and we would be able to accommodate anyone whom want to relocate.

The Student Moving service is able to give you 15% discount for all stduents.

We can help you with:

We will also accommodate two passengers in the van for free of charge.