10 things to do before the VAT rise

If the return to work, to school or to the city and is a difficult time, this year also we will have another “cost” to be the increase in VAT in early September.

In terms of beauty, makeup and cosmetics, some increases are more than considerable, so after carefully studying the famous Royal Decree (and enjoy reliving my years as an economist), I have prepared a list of things we can do before the end of August and so, save a few euros, which never hurts.
This is my list of things you should do before they raise the VAT:

1. – Go to the salon.
Whether you just need washing or combing mark, as if you want to change your look and make you a haircut, permanent straightening, relaxers, highlights, dyes or any color, you’ll save a few euros if you do it before the rise of VAT.

2. – Nail Salons.

If you plan to make any manicure or pedicure, especially those with a higher cost, such as Shellac manicures or permanent enamel, do it before September 1, because the VAT on these services up no less than 8% to 21%.

3. – Relax in an urban spa
Also taxed, since that date, 21% water cures and urban spas.
So if you need to relax to face the “back to school”, do it before the end of August.
Some spa treatments remain taxed at the reduced rate, but remember that it goes from 8% to 10%.

4. – Slimming
Except treatments carried out with diagnosis, prevention or medical treatment, nutrition and dietetics services also suffer the VAT hike.
So whether you want to buy some bars to mitigate the excesses summer, and if you’re thinking of something a little more serious in some center of nutrition and dietetics, better pay before the VAT increase.

5. – Massage
The physical therapists are also affected by this measure and force them to charge a 21% VAT. There is a service that can do without, but if you treat slope “that back pain”, better do it soon.

6. – Whiten your teeth.

Dental services also pass taxed at 21% so check your smile as soon as possible to avoid any surprises.
Are exempt from this increase, dentists services, dentists, dental technicians and dental technicians “when referring to his work-related activities”, ie, in the case of proper health issues.

7. – Shaving

The laser hair removal services also go to 21%.
Consult your usual center when the charge and if you pay ahead, you can save something.

8. – Make you a touch
Cosmetic surgery services also pass taxed at 21%.
What I recommend in the case of services which consist of several sessions, is that preguntéis if ye receive sessions from September 1 and will charge you 21% or, by contrast, are taxed at the rate of all time hire. Better ask to bring you some unpleasant surprise.

9. – Sign up to the gym

The “turn around” (to school, to work, to normal …) is one of the times of year when more entries are made in gyms.
So in this sense, the “September costs” also will be a little harder because the classes to practice sports or physical education classes such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, skiing, aerobics, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, spinning, fencing, chess, among others … also pass taxed at 21%.

10. – Buy cosmetics and makeup products.

Except compresses and buffers that are maintained with reduced VAT of 10%, cosmetics and personal hygiene products (including baby diapers!) Pass to 21% VAT.
Also remain in the 10% VAT glasses and contact lenses and medical devices, materials, equipment or instruments that, objectively considered, only be used to prevent, diagnose, treat, alleviate or cure diseases or ailments.

I hope the list of tips will be useful and that you may save you a few euros to remain beautiful!

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